On October 29th 2015, at the inauguration of the European Interoperability Centre for Electric Vehicles and Smart Grids (click here for more details) in the JRC Ispra site, a demonstration of the real‐time integrated co‐simulation platform was presented, introducing the interconnection among RWTH Aachen (DE), JRC Ispra (IT), JRC Petten (NL) and POLITO Turin (IT).

The demo illustrated the path towards the set‐up of a federation of EU labs, located in different member states, allowing for a cost‐effective sharing of hardware and sofware facilities at EU level in the smart electricity sector.

In the target scenario, clouds suddenly cover the area affecting the PV capacity, causing the local electricity production to drop. The phenomena occur when people are getting back home from work: appliances are being switched on, electric vehicles are being plugged to the grid, etc. So, while generation is dropping, consumption is rapidly growing, producing the unbalance of the network.

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