A model of the transmission system of Piedmont Region (IT) at 220-380 kV (around 90 buses and 110 lines) was implemented on a RTDS real time simulator in Aachen @ RWTH.
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A portion of the distribution network in Turin (50 buses, 49 lines, representing 742 mono-phase and 8293 three phase LV customers + 6 MV customers + 4 PV generators) was implemented on Opal-RT @PoliTO. Read more

The behavior of the prosumers on the distribution grid was captured by a dedicated model of consumer/prosumer behavior at the Smart Grid lab of JRC at the Petten site (NL). Read more

Supervisor role: control, data monitoring and exchange. A monitoring system, in JRC Ispra (IT) , analyzes the data and simulation results through a cloud system. Read more