A European Platform for Distributed Real Time Modelling & Simulation of Emerging Electricity Systems

1 June 2016
C. F. Covrig
G. De Santi
G. Fulli
M. Masera
M. Olariaga-Guardiola
E. Bompard
G. Chicco
A. Estebsari
T. Huang
E. Pons
F. Profumo
A. Tenconi
R. De Doncker
M. Grigull
A. Monti
M. Stevic
S. Vogel
Journal/Conference/Publication office: 
Publications Office of the European Union 2016

This report presents the proposal for the constitution of a European platform consisting of the federation of real-time modelling and simulation facilities applied to the analysis of emerging electricity systems. Such a platform can be understood as a pan-European distributed laboratory aiming at making use of the best available relevant resources and knowledge for the sake of supporting industry and policy makers and conducting advanced scientific research. The report describes the need for such a platform, with reference to the current status of power systems; the state of the art of the relevant technologies; and the character and format that the platform might take. This integrated distributed laboratory will facilitate the modelling, testing and assessment of power systems beyond the capacities of each single entity, enabling remote access to software and equipment anywhere in the EU, by establishing a real-time interconnection to the available facilities and capabilities within the Member States. Such an infrastructure will support the remote testing of devices, enhance simulation capabilities for large multi-scale and multi-layer systems, while also achieving soft-sharing of expertise in a large knowledge-based virtual environment. ...