Real Time Co-Simulation Demo Interconnecting Laboratories of Politecnico di Torino (Italy) and JRC-IET Petten (Netherlands)

15 July 2016
Abouzar Estebsari
Catalin Felix Covrig
Petten and Torino
Successfully tested

A co-simulation on the real time simulators at PoliTo in Turin and JRC in Petten was carried out in July 2016. There were some firewall issues and compatibility challenges which were resolved following some temporary solutions to establish this connection. The 2 simulators were communicating through UDP, but tunneling is needed to secure the channel and improve data exchange accuracy. The simulation case was a portion of Turin MV grid with 5 feeders and 49 substations. The application was a simple remote control of time-variant loads. A module in charge of generating load profiles in Petten periodically (every second) updates the constant PQ values of the load models in Turin.