Meeting Petten

15 June 2016
Bikash Pal (Imperial College London)
Zofia Lukszo (TU Delft)
Antonello Monti (RWTH Aachen University)
Ettore Bompard (Politecnico di Torino)
Marcelo Masera (JRC- Petten)
Gianluca Fulli (JRC-Petten)
Catalin Felix Covrig (JRC-Petten)
Anna Mutule (Institute of Electronics and Computer Science, LV)
Catalin Gavriluta (G2Elab)
JRC, Petten, Netherlands

Following ERIC-Lab key objectives, the meeting aimed to involve more institutions and universities (e.g. Imperial College London, INPG and TU Delft) in the framework to extend the laboratories' interconnection. Some of the main remarks and discussions are:

  • Create informatic tunnels point to point between the different nodes, including the new members (Imperial, INPG,TUD) to demonstrate that the connection exists;
  • Intensify and enlarge the "catalog"  of the demo applications on different levels (transmission and distribution) and with different types of simulation (pure, with HIL and/or SIL);
  • Extending the idea and performing a EU-US real-time co-simulation to support development of the technology for distributed real time simulation;
  • Development of open-source solutions to be shared, both for the interconnection part and for the simulation of big systems;
  • Definition of a data format for storing examples and results. For this purpose, just completed a CIM parser to automatically import network data from the operators in our choice simulator (at the moment Modelica, Phasor Dynamic, RTDS and then also OPAL).